Hot Stone Massage

Exclusive massage with heated volcanic stones that combines the relaxing and therapeutic properties of vulkanic stones with the benefits of the gentle pressure maneuvers of the oil massage.

Discover the heat properties of Hot Stone Massage. Heated to just the right temperature, these vulkanic stones will eliminate your tension away. Hot Stones are use on the entire body with extra attention on troubled areas. By directing heat to specific areas of the body, allows your massage therapist to work deeper into the layers of your muscles. You will feel how the massage relieves muscle tension, improves your blood circulation and fills you with a deep sense of wellbeing and health. Let the warmth of heated stones ease away stress and tension, relax muscles, and increase circulation. This 90 or 120 -minute session incorporates heated stones in combination with a full body massage while promoting the feeling of deep relaxation. The 60 minute treatment includes a back, neck and shoulder massage.

Benefits of Hot Stone Massages: This treatment will stimulate your circulatory, lymphatic, and nerves system. By increasing circulation, not only does this therapeutic massage ease muscle tension, this increases your metabolism rate as well. Making this massage excellent good for a detox.

Contraindications: fever, contagious diseases such as colds and flu, being under the influence of drugs or alcohol, recent surgery or acute injuries, Pregnant women, Edema, cardiovascular conditions and high blood pressure. And, similarly, local contraindications such as severe bruises, cuts and abrasions should be avoided along with varicose veins and sunburn.

Please remember, you must make an appointment 1 hour before your coming. To book an appointment call us at : +420 774 856 160    


60 min / 48€ / 1200 Kč

90 min / 63€ / 1580 Kč

120 min / 78€ / 1950 Kč



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