Royal Oil Massage

Is an ancient healing method using hot canavas bags filled with a mixture of more than twenty types of aromatic healing herbs and grasses, blended according to proven recipes that two hundred years old. The Royal Massage consists in the combination of Oil Massage with application of hot herbal compresses to the energy centres of the body. Thai Royal Massage by action on the acupressure points of the body relieves, eliminates stiffness of the muscles and joints and agitates natural blood circulation in the body. Thanks to the hot herbs, the tired body warms up and relaxes, which result in quick relief of pain and stress.

The Royal Massage evokes a perfect feeling of complete relaxation and comford, physical and mental harmony. You feel like resurrected after this procedure.


90 min / 65 € / 1625 Kč

120 min / 81 € / 2025 Kč














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