Aroma Oil Massage

This relaxing massage provide your stressed body and mind emotional well-being!

Oil massage and the pleasant aroma of the selected aromatic oils provide your body and mind with inner calm and balance. The organic ingredients are capable of penetrating into the deep layers of the skin and will stimulate the nervous system as well as the blood- and lymphatic system. It is especially suitable for those who have a higher sensitivity to pain, need to improve their immunity, to induce psychic well-being, and nevertheless enter a little into the secrets of Thai traditional massages. This massage is gentler than traditional Thai massage, but it is still very effective against pain of the body. Removes tension and stiffness of the muscles, it also acts impressively on the skin.


60 min / 44 € / 1125 Kč

90 min / 61 € / 1525 Kč

120 min / 77 € / 1925 Kč





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