Thai massage is more than 2500 years old and is expressed as „nuad“ and has a very deep tradition of healing. The theoretical basis of thai massage is a theory of invisible energy lines passing through the human body. Thai massage focuses on lines with important acupressure points and is based on influencing energy points and the flow of energy in the body. Treating these lines by massaging releases any blockage, supports free energy flow and helps to good health condition.

Contrary to classic massage, there are some differences in traditional thai massage. Primarily, there is a diference in clothing. In the classic massage a person being massaged is generally naked so the therapist is able to „handle“ each muscle or area. Whereas in the thai massage both persons are clad to soft cloths. In this sense both persons are always clothed in a blouse and trousers made of silk.


“Northern“ style

  • probably more linked to natural Thai therapists,
  • more gentle, the emphasis is laid on working on feet and energy lines,
  • characteristic features are rythm and slow, smooth release,
  • is taught in Northern Thai city Chiang-Mai.

“Southern“ style

  • most widespread, the oficial schools use mainly this style,
  • more vigorous, uses faster movements,
  • is taught in the temple of Wat Pho in Bangkok.

Thai massage is not the same as classic massage, it does not apply pressure on your muscles and soft tissue . Thai massage takes care of the whole body while the biggest influence is focused on legs´ muscles, joints, foot and back because these parts are the most assisted in these hectic times.


 Thai massage should be understood as precautionary care of body thus regular massage is recommended.








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