Oil massage and Peeling

The original scrubs that will certainly attract its smell and effect, you will find only in our salon. This original 100% natural product we import to you from Thailand.

Peeling is great for deep cleansing to remove dead skin cells, improves blood circulation, promotes skin hydration and stimulates the lymphatic system. With blood flow leads to the excretion of toxins, so it is suitable for this massage cellulite. The result is fresh and smoother skin of your body. Subsequent oil massage detoxify further support. Oil massage is known positive effects on the lymphatic system, in combination with peeling is the massage really the best thing for your body.


Scrub Green Tea 

Scrub Lemongrass

Scrub Mango

Scrub Vanilla


60 min / 42 € / 1050 Kč

90 min / 57 € / 1430 Kč

120 min / 72 € / 1800 Kč




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