Traditional Thai massage

Traditional Thai massage is a legendary art that is passed down generation after generation and its roots reach to the ancient times, to a period 2500 years ago, to the so called time of Buddha.

Among the main effects of Thai Massage is relief of pain back, head (neutralig pains), muscles joints..., agitation and recovery of the life energy flow, improvement of blood and lymphatic circulation, physiotherapy and regeneratio of the organism, increase of motility, strengthening of immunity, detoxification, relief of stress, harmonization and strengthening of the nervous system. For its numerous stretching exercises, Thai Massage is termed "Hatha Yoga". The term that best describes the art of Thai Massage is "Yoga Massage". Even if Thai Massage may be painful in case of health problems, it will help you relieve these problems or even eliminate them completely.

Masseuse uses fingers, palms, elbows, knees and feet to produce pressure combined with stretching and acupressure to unblock energy lines and to evoke total harmony in your body.Optimum length of traditional Thai massage is 90 - 120 minutes, but 60 minute traditional Thai massage of the whole body offers you the relaxation feeling as well.


60 min / 39 € / 925 Kč

90 min / 56 € / 1400 Kč

120 min / 72 € / 1800 Kč













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